Monday, July 24, 2006

Umbanda - a basic study - chapter 1


The word “Umbanda” comes from the Adamic alphabet, maybe the oldest known written method.

The word Umbanda means:

  1. The mother science
  2. The generating magic
  3. The one who begun before all others
Because its written origin comes from such an old alphabet, the original way of writing Umbanda was written using signals instead of the letters we use today; hence we say Umbanda is a type of Kabala.

The term Umbanda is universal while science, but Brazilian when observed as a religion only. European Kardecism brings some aspects to Umbanda, but in such a small scale that it is almost imperceptible.

Umbanda and Candomble are different mainly because in Candomble there is a direct contact with the Orixa, while in Umbanda our contact is made with the deities, or entities. Another difference between Umbanda and Candomble is that while Candomble follows the Yoruba (African) tradition, Umbanda follows the language of the place it was born, Brazilian Portuguese.

There are many differences between Umbanda and Candomble, but their main goal is the same: the communication with the Divine!


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Hi, so there is an umbanda temple in Manhattan, Templo Guracy, 241 west 30th street, suite 102.

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