Tuesday, April 18, 2006

12th Video - Oxossi

Unfortunately I cannot post this video - the file is too large.
I can send you a CD with all the short videos shown here plus the ones that are too large (too large does not mean they are hours long...only large enough not to fit in my video service).

Contact me if you have any questions!

11th Video - Omulu

I don't know much about Omulu...so I will learn when the time comes to research on the Orishas.

10th Video - Oxum

Another beautiful Orisha. More on Oxum when I post about the Orishas.

9th Video - Preto-Velhos

Preto-velhos are the old africans slaves who come back on Earth to help us all with their wisdom.

8th Video - Ibeiji

The children...ah, the children! Their magic is powerful and they take everything very seriously, even when they are laughing their lungs off!

7th Video - Iemanja

Beautiful Orisha...worth watching a real-life Umbanda session when they are celebrating Iemanja, the Queen of the Oceans.

6th Video - Ogum

Ogum is my favorite Orisha.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

5th Video - Xango

Xango is a very strong Orisha (more about Xango when I write about each Orisha in another post).

4th Video - Iansa

Unfortunately I cannot post this video, as it is very large. If you want a copy of it I can burn a CD and have it mailed to you (leave a message so I can contact you about it). I will have all videos on a CD for you, so you have easy access for the contents being posted on this blog (I can have one CD with the 7th anniversary for this temple only).

Anyway, the video shows the mediums working with Iansa. Iansa is a female Orisha; she is the Orisha of wind and change. If you want to change something in your life, she is the Orisha you should pray for.

Contact me if you want to purchase the CD!

More on Iansa later, when I write about each Osisha.

3rd Video - Opening Ceremony (Continuation)

Continuation of the previous videos.

The opening of a gira is long. The idea behind it is for the mediums to sync up with the entities they are going to work with that night. There are some things every medium must do before going to the gira, but what each terreiro asks from its mediums varies. Some common things include not having sex 24 hours prior to the gira, not eating meat the day of the gira, etc. I will try to gather more information about it and pass along to you.

2nd Video - Opening Ceremony

This is the continuation of the opening ceremony, where the head of the terreiro asks permission to work with the spirits.

The songs they sing are called "Pontos" and each phalanx has their own pontos; actually, each entity (spirits that come to work through mediums) has his/her own ponto. There are hundres, if not thousands, of pontos, each more beautiful than the following one!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Umbanda Videos

I will start posting some videos of actual Umbanda sessions and I will try to give some information on what you are going to see. Please understand I am not a Umbanda priest, so my knowledge is very limited about the topic.

In the following sequence you will see the 7th anniversary celebration of a Umbanda temple in Rio de Janeiro. The videos are shown in order of the session (called "Gira").

During the opening of the "gira" the head of the temple (called "Terreiro") asks the spirits their authorization to start working, for their protection.