Friday, July 08, 2005

The days we celebrate the Orishas in Umbanda

I don't know the names of the Orishas in English (although I will do some research to figure them out). In the meantime I will use their brazilian names.
In any case, if you ever start attending to Umbanda rituals you will probably use the names we use in Brazil.

Below you will find the dates of the year we celebrate our Orishas. We usually have big festivities in our "terreiros" (terreiro is a Umbanda temple, where the mediums work with their entities to help other people).

They are as follows:

January 20th - Oxossi
February 13th - Omulu
March 20th - Oxaguian
April 23 - Ogum
May 13th - Preto-Velhos (Old Blacks)
June 13th - Xango/Exus
July 26th - Nana
August 15th - Yemanja
September 27th - Ibeijada (children)
November 22nd - Caboclos
December 4th - Iansa
December 8th - Oxum
December 25th - Oxala

Oxala's image in Umbanda is represented by Jesus Christ. So that's why the celebration occurs on the same day.

I just love going to the parties thrown for Ogum (April 23) and Preto-Velho (May 13th). It is beautiful and full of energy!


Blogger Quimbisero said...

Nice start. I hope the blog grows. Do not worry about researching the English version of Orixá names. In English the Orixás names are spelled according to the tradition you refer to. If you refer to Cuban Lucumí for example, you will see either Echú or more commonly Ellegua. If the person writing is a follower of Nigerian or Neo-African, then they will write Esu with or without diacritical marks under or over the s. If you refer to Umbanda or Candomblé Ketu or Nago, then the name will be Exú. The same goes for all other Orixás. There are no English spellings per se.

Keep up the good work.

Nké Nzambi luklutara masemene mene,

Tata Nsasi Masongo Quimbisa

10:02 PM  
Blogger Umbanda said...

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your information about the names of the Orixas!
I will keep the names according to brazilian Umbanda.

Sarava and have a wonderful week!

11:26 PM  
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Anonymous Heloisa said...

This is a really beautiful photo of a fest for Preto Velhos? I think.
Me too live outside Brasil and miss a nossa querida Umbanda. Gostaria de saber como os mediums and chefes de terreiros estao se organizando para esta mudanca que ja esta ocorrendo em nosso planeta Terra.
Sarava irma and keep going, it is a great blog.

5:39 AM  

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