Monday, June 13, 2005

THE MIDNIGHT GUARDIAN - a word from the author - Part 1

Author: Rubens Saraceni
Inspired by Pai Benedito de Aruanda


When I started to receive the inspiration to write this book, I prepared myself mentally, as Pai Benedito de Aruanda has told me: “I am going to tell a fascinating story of an old friend of yours, who paid the price for challenging the eternal laws of love and compassion.”

No one remains unpunished when one challenges the Law and, consequently, until one doesn’t clean oneself from all the addictions that made him go against the Law, one will not receive anything but the torment of the divine rage, that will pursue you for as long as necessary, until you wake up from the nightmare in which your immortal being finds itself trapped in.

This is an experience that is being lived in this very moment by millions of spirits that did not know how to control their addictions and let themselves be drawn by false appearances of situations that, if approached by with love and respect, would take them to the seventh heaven.

But because that’s not how it happened to the Baron, we are going to relate the fascinating story of The Midnight Guardian. Fascinating because it reveals us, in a very human way, the very strange path this character’s life evolved, a life that could have been tranquil, but because of the way the Baron acted (or reacted), he caused his own torment, even after the death of his body. The Midnight Guardian is the real character that displayed most courage to tell us his terrible story. Today he is one of the best servers of the Law of Light.

Every novel, mystic tales and stories told by Pai Benedito de Aruanda teach us something. I hope this book sheds some light on the divine things that are all around us, around its characters and all human beings, who are in constant evolution.


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Where do we can get the book of Pai Benedito de Aruanda?

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