Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Basic Aspects of the Umbanda Doctrine

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A general outlook of the several types of rituals found in Terreiros of Umbanda does not show Umbanda doctrine at once. This is due to the presence of the syncretism that conceals the real Doctrine in a way to adapt itself to the needs of the population that visit similar temples. The principles that are used to be the base of the Umbanda Movement as a whole are sensitive specially in the Initiation Temples and in the exclusive rituals in some terreiros, where it is noticed a bigger interest in the search of spiritual development without the veil of illusion dictated by the myth
Starting from this observation we can get some important information: the first is that if we were to try to make a consistent Doctrine from the syncretic manifestations it would be impossible to reach a coherent picture, and even if it were possible, it would be very distant from the teachings transferred by the "initiation chain" .The second important information is that excluding the syncretism manifestations in several Terreiros of Umbanda it is possible to isolate certain simil ar points and shared concepts that point at a logic system, initially unsuspected, that is overcast by the apparent chaos.

The presence of the Spiritual Beings of the Umbanda Astral Chain that manifests through embodiment in the forms of "Caboclos", "Preto-Velhos" and "Crianças" stands out within the existing similarities among several temples. This can be considered the basic point that serves as a qualifier of the doctrine professed by a certain spiritual group. The homogeneity at finding this factor that exploded in distinctive communities and made the Umbanda Movement to emerge, leads to the c onclusion that the Doctrine of Umbanda is result of these entities revelations through their mediums and not from the result of the Afro-Amerindian cults fusion.

All Umbanda Doctrine is built from this angular stone, based on the Triple Path made of Mantric Doctrine, Yantric Doctrine and Tantric Doctrine that guard the mystery of the Cosmogenesis. All the processes related to the development of the Spiritual Beings in the Nature Kingdom are observed at the light of these ternary principles and through the laws of analogies applied from the microsomatic level to the macrocosmic one.

The entities that present themselves in Umbanda personify Simplicity, Purity and Wisdom on behalf of Oxalá - Ishiovara - the Highest Tutor of the Planet Earth. They can, through advice, examples and natural forces movement, ignite Faith in the heart of the ones that go to Umbanda temples. From Faith and Reasoning they gradually inculcate in the planetary community the understanding of the reincarnations mechanisms, the Karmic Laws, the attraction through affinity and syntony and tea ch us how to walk safely towards our own spiritual essence.These well developed entities are, in fact, our Original Ancestrals, the first beings to incarnate in the Planet Earth and that were already masters of Comprehensive Knowledge at the time of their incarnations prior to Atlantes. All the Planetary Wisdom was revealed as Aumbandan and later gave origin to all philosophies, sciences, arts and religion known today. Therefore, we find in the Umbanda Doctrine several concepts that are still kept by some p hilo-religious sectors.
In fact, the emergence of religions and all the fragmentary knowledge of today is result of the distortion and the inadequate usage of the Only-Knowledge existing at Tupy Lineage times. Consequently man lost the key to this mystery and the ability to understand life in a synthetic form in its causes and effects.

The Cults to the Original Ancestrals emerged in the hope to rebuild this lost knowledge and to welcome the influxes of these powerful Entities, made known by the big patriarchs and initiated, remaining still today in some traditions specially the oriental one. .

The Brotherhood of Ancestral Spirits members bring, hrough divine mercy, the seeds of the new times and manifest themselves by means of a medium to help us in the development march so Aumbandan can again be present in the earthy community.


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