Friday, July 30, 2004

UMBANDA - a religion is born - part 2 of 3

During the session that took place at the "Federation of Spiritism", Zelio was taken by a strong presence. He got up and said "There is a flower missing here". He went to the garden and brought back a flower.

After placing the flower in the middle of the table, some other people who belonged to the federation started to "receive" Indians (Caboclos - represent the spirits of the forest, the knowledge of herbs, plants and magic) and Old-Blacks (Preto-Velhos - slaves brought from Africa. Represent the experience of the elderly).

The Director of the Federation, who had never seen anything like that before, said that the attitude of those spirits only reflected the low level of spirituality where those spirits were, and requested the spirits to leave.

In the midst of the confusion that was taking place, one medium who was part of the Federation requested the spirit who had taken Zelio's body to identify himself. The spirit replied:
"If you want a name, you can call me the "Caboclo Seven Crossings", because for me there will never be a closed path".

The medium said that although the spirit identified himself as a Caboclo, she could see some remains of a priest's clothes.


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