Friday, July 30, 2004


When we speak about Pretos-Velhos (Old Blacks) we are speaking about a large number of entities that work under the same vibration. These entities usually share some characteristics, which we now try to explain.

As usually known, the Pretos-Velhos were slaves brought from various parts of Africa. Generally, this is a big part of the truth, but some other spirits, although not being slaves, are also Pretos-Velhos. Some of them were never slaves. Some were not even African! Or black!

These are spirits that share knowledge! Life experience! Patience! And that's why we call our loved Pretos-Velhos "grandma", "grandpa" amongst other things.

The way Pretos-Velhos work when incorporated in a medium is very simple. They do not require fancy and elaborated rituals. Usually the medium that is working with a Preto-Velho is dressed in white, with a necklace (guia), a pipe, a walking stick and a stool.

The way the Preto-Velhos incorporates their medium is very compact, without dancing or jumping. The vibration starts with a weigh in the medium's back, which makes him/her to bend forward. The feet are usually "fixed" on the floor.

After the incorporation takes place, the Preto-Velho moves only to make the necessary salutations: drums, gonga (the place where the images of the saints are displayed) and the head of the temple. After that, the Preto-Velho usually sits down.

It is possible to see some Pretos-Velhos dancing, but this dancing is totally subtle, with movements of the shoulders and legs while sitting.

The way the Pretos-Velhos work show us that charity is a very important way for our own spiritual evolution.


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